Tuition & Payment Options

*Price includes all processing fees.

Total cost of 8 week course: $5,500

Deposit for 8 week course: $200

Cost Details

The cost of our course is $5500, including the $200 tuition deposit, which holds your spot in the class you desire.  There are a few payment options available for you to consider.  The first option is to pay the amount in full prior to your first day of class.  TMI also has payment plans available for their attending students.  Once the $200 deposit has been made, the remaining balance will be divided up into equal payments, depending on the payment option you choose.  Private loans, not associated with TMI, can also be requisitioned at your bank or private loan company.

  • Payment Options

  • $5500

    8 Week Course
  • 2 Months = $2650 per Month
  • 6 Months = $ 937 per Month
  • 1 Year/12 Months = $469.00 per Month
  • 2 Years/24 Months = $234.00 per Month
  • 3 Years/36 Months = $156.00 per Month
  • 4 Years/48 Months = $117 per Month
  • 5 Years/60 Months = $94 per Month

Here’s the value of what you are receiving when you attend The Makeup Imaginarium

  • 8 week extensive hands on education
  • You are always welcomed back once you’ve completed the course to re attend in order to refresh your education with no additional cost to you!
  • exclusive , unique, and interactive artistry education
  • portfolio photo shoots 

Photo shoots

You receive 4 hours of studio time every other week for your 8 weeks with us. That is 4 separate photo shoots to build your portfolio before you are certified. At the Makeup Imaginarium we provide the studio, photographer, models, and guidance in order for you to have a diverse and marketable portfolio as part of your tuition ( That is a $6,000-$8,000 value)

Here's something you may not know

A makeup portfolio is one of the hardest things to acquire when starting out. A professional photo of your work is one of the ways to prove to future clients and collaborators that you are a professional and have the skills to be hired. If you hired a photographer to shoot your vision as well your art you would be charged a minimum of $200-$400 per image. If you completed 4 looks in one sitting that would be $800-$1600(minimum).  Booking a studio( for 4-8 hours) so that you would have a controlled environment for your portfolio work would run you about  $500-$1,000.
  • Worldwide exposure : followed by over 80 countries
  •  Textbook (with information exclusive to TMI)
  •  Lessons and Workshops ( no additional cost)
  •  Mentorship
  • Post-graduation opportunities (fashion shows, photo shoots, projects, job prospects, events, furthered education)

TMI provides a makeup artistry course for artists of all skill levels.

Find us at

2225 W Shaw Ave, Ste 109
Fresno, California


(559) 840-5418