The mentors of TMI are two of the best Makeup artists the West coast has to offer. With so much knowledge and expertise in everything beauty, fashion, and photography it’s exciting to see their dream of opening up a school come alive. 
If you’re interested in learning tips and tricks, and the key techniques it takes to become a great established artist, then let these two talented woman show you. I’ve known both these women and watched their artistry for 12 years and nothing comes close to the art that I’ve seen them create. With so much passion their work is unbelievable, inspiring and breath taking. 

Gilbert Soliz
Gilbert Soliz
Global Artist for Marc Jacobs Beauty at Kendo Brands LVMH

I’ve worked with the ladies of TMI, they are the best I’ve seen. They actually trained me in makeup, which has allowed me to make a living doing freelance makeup while I raise my children. They both have knowledge in all areas of makeup and where one isn’t as strong the other excels. I’ve never seen a team like them.They’re the best. I highly recommend this school for everyone even if you just want to learn how to do your own makeup. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however they make everyone beautiful and can teach you to do the same. 🙂

Kat Pok
Kat Pok
Estee Lauder

I’m so happy for The Makeup Imaginarium, they are two of the top makeup artists in Fresno. I’ve known them for over eight years and I’m so excited for them! I recently got my license in skincare. I encourage anyone who’s thinking about becoming a makeup artist, or wishes to know the latest trends in makeup, to go to The Makeup Imaginarium. You cannot get this knowledge anywhere else.

Kaia Franklin
Kaia Franklin
Freelance Makeup Artist

Krystine Garcia

Attending TMI pretty much changed my life. I was studying interior design at Fresno State when I started the course in February 2012 and by the time I had my last day, I had already booked my first wedding party of 10 girls.
I was already certified in lash extensions so I was able to promote my makeup with my existing clientele.
By April I got hired on at MAC cosmetics as a freelance artist and just kept getting busier and busier. I started to drive down to LA a lot for different gigs, so I decided to relocate permanently in February of this year after I graduated from Esthetician school. Since moving I’ve been working at a high-end beauty lounge doing makeup, lash extensions, etc. as well as freelancing on my own.
I’ve worked with amazing photographers and models, done promotional photo shoots, a TV pilot, runway shows, and so on. I’m also currently assisting an amazing MUA that does music videos and commercials for Pepsi and so on.
The knowledge I gained from attending TMI is invaluable. I can’t explain how grateful I am to my mentors and the school. Their program is amazing and really preps you for the industry. I cannot be more happy with my career and where I’m going. I recommend the school to everyone who asks me. I just can’t say anything bad from my experience at TMI. And when I need help in any way I know the staff of TMI is there for me.


Alma Velazquez

After the first day, I went home and told my parents about how great they were and what an amazing time I had. If you want to spend your money in a place where you have a one-on-one with the teachers and feel like you are important this is the place to be. These ladies work harder than anyone I know. I definitely know that money is not the first thing on their mind because with the materials, time, photo shoots, etc. there is no way they charge what they really should. These are Ladies that have been in the Makeup Industry for a very long time. They are professionals! My favorite thing about being a student at The Makeup Imaginarium is the way we are treated and the positive vibe we got along with the talent these ladies possess. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain at TMI – go check them out. Thanks to the staff at TMI I was part of Abuse Your Imagination Runway show in Fresno, CA. I got to work with such talented people that I would not have been able to if it had not been for them. Thanks to the portfolio I gained with them I worked with Charlie Bones Inc for photo-shoots where I was the MUA. I have also been freelancing for different projects and I have had connections in Los Angeles for a wedding soon.
I highly recommend you go and talk to them about your vision for your future. They will not disappoint you. I would really like to publicly thank my mentors for helping me and pushing me to follow my dreams in the Makeup Industry. Not only were you the best mentors, but now I consider you my friends. Thank you for all the laughs, the positive energy every time I walked into that door, but most of all – thank you for being you and helping so many of us. You girls rock and I will forever be thankful you crossed my path. I love you girls.


I came across TMI by Facebook, as one of my friends had updated her status about her going to her last class for makeup and she had tagged The Makeup Imaginarium. I was completely confused because I had no idea there was a school in Fresno! I had recently saved some money, but not enough to go to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams as a Freelance Makeup Artist. As soon as I went to their website and checked the cost and the experience the teachers had I was extremely excited to start as soon as possible. Everything went so smooth (from applying, financial planning, and information.) I started as soon as possible. I wanted to make sure my investment would make sense, and I was blown away since the first day. I got there and my teacher welcomed me with such a warm smile. There was nothing but positive energy in that room. The first day was amazing since we got straight into makeup and by the end of the first day I had so much knowledge about the basic concepts of makeup and more. I was also introduced to the owner/photographer who was full of energy and knowledge about the Makeup Industry. They had instant, sincere devotion for helping and filling our brains with important knowledge for this industry.

Brandy Medina

My name is Brandy and I am a makeup artist located in Fresno, CA. Growing up, I was always artistically inclined, and loved exploring different areas of art. One of my outlets was the art of makeup. I love mixing & matching different colors onto a new face (or what I sometimes refer to, my canvas) and seeing what the outcome is! After spending several years in a corporate job, I was feeling suffocated and while talking to another local artist about my need for a creative outlet, she handed me a pamphlet from The Makeup Imaginarium and told me I had to check them out. I met with them just days later and realized I had discovered the perfect place that would allow me to really dive into the career of makeup artistry and let my creativity take me on a new journey! I’ve worked on different photo-shoots and met some great photographers and models while enrolled at TMI, and am excited for what my future holds.

Rainbow Chatman


My most life changing decision of 2012 was studying at the Make Up Imaginarium where I refined my makeup skills, learned to understand the art of hair styling, gained the experience and the confidence I needed to begin my business ventures, and finally find a home where I belong with my amazing T.M.I. sisterhood. I’m looking forward to the new clients, Rainbow Chatman Artistry business expansions, and challenges that 2013 holds. The sky’s the limit!

TMI provides a makeup artistry course for artists of all skill levels.

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