Petals Fall

Makeup artist Rainbow Chatman, model  Maddy Little, and photographer Jillian Sara combined forces for this feminine and yet fierce shoot.  Enjoy the decadence and mystery of  where the petals fall.


Editorial available in Art Beauty and Culture Magazine:

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Adore The Gore

So many people love gore and over the last few years, our students have created some of the most amazing, yet creepy, images using the most basic of materials.  Here are some of our favorites.

Makeup Artists: Sandra Tovar, Banana Becker, Viktoria Paris, Adrie Munoz, Genevie Flores, and  Mari Hernandez

Models: Maddy Little, Kristin Shanen, Stacy O’Brian, Vox Orchid, Katherine Benette, and Esterline Hana

Photographer: Jillian Sara nad Kevin Chavez for What If Photography


Isn’t it Romantic

Artist Frankee Escobedo  and photographer Jillian Sara are back and ready for Spring with this spin on romantic makeup. Model Viktoria Paris played the starring role of the flirty love interest in Frankee’s floral fancy.

Diasha Feliz, Diana Lopez and Rachel Riggs helped catch the behind the scenes footage of the shoot.

Special thanks to Rachel for putting the video together!


The Makeup Imaginarium

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Wayne Goss, a MUA of many talents

At TMI, we not only try to inform our many, worldwide followers of what is going on within our school, but also information about the makeup industry and those who are successful in it.  The makeup artist we would like to spotlight tonight is wonderful Wayne Goss.

Wayne Goss has done it all.  He started out loving makeup when he was younger, worked hard to learn his craft and now has become a world renown makeup artist (check out his beautiful brush sets) and YouTube Vlogger.  Not only is his artistry beautiful, his videos tells it like it is and he is a man who is not afraid to demonstrate what he is teaching on himself.  He credits his fame and success to hard work and the fact that he never let himself stop learning. In the following video, he explains what he went through, and what to expect when you decide to begin a career in the amazing world of makeup artistry.  I also included one of his makeup tutorial videos for you to check out.  I hope you enjoy.


The Makeup Imaginarium

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The Warrior Within

We all have a warrior within us.  That strong side that comes out to fight when we need to.  The following pictures are just a few from the TMI collection, that focus on the strength and beauty of the woman warrior.

Makeup Artists: Ashleigh Burk, Emily Sanchez, AJ Hernandez, Maria (Mia) Garcia, and Monica Rodriguez

Models: Gabrielle Lee, Selene Mendoza, Mansi Pathak, Samantha Armstrong, Linda Moxley, and Jeeto Bhinder

Photographers: Jillian Sara and Kevin Chavez for What If Photography


The MakeupImaginarium

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A group from The Makeup Imaginarium tackled a gravel heap and to catch a tiger by the tail. Artists Selina Torres and Alyssa Soliz  with models Lenora Pate and Samantha Armstrong brought lots of smiles and some dancing to photographer Jillian Sara.

With the assistance of Bibiana Morales-Perez, Diana Lopez and Rachel Riggs there was much fun to be had in capturing beautiful images and video.



The Makeup Imaginarium

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The Amazing Pat McGrath

At TMI we think it is very important to understand your industry, so we will randomly spotlight artists who are already leaders in the makeup artistry field.

From runway to editorials, Pat McGrath is a highly respected artist in the makeup and fashion industry.  Her looks are both beautiful and creative which landed her the title of “The Most Influential Makeup Artist In The World” , by Vogue Magazine in 2007.



The Makeup Imaginarium

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Here Comes The Bride

There are few things more captivating than the beauty of a bride.  As a makeup artist, we get to be a part of this wonderful day.  Here are a few bridal looks from The TMI photo shoot archives.


Makeup: Jaryn Warren                                                                                         Model: Lenora Pate                                                                               Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

Makeup: Deserae Padilla                                                                                       Model: Samantha Armstrong                                                               Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

Makeup: Yesenia Gomez                                                                                   Model: Priscilla Yang                                                                                 Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

Makeup: Esmerelda Reyes                                                                               Model: Michelle Her                                                                                 Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

Makeup: Mary Garcia                                                                                           Model: Alexa Duarte                                                                       Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

Makeup: Bryana Kimura                                                                         Model: Amanda Jackson                                                                       Photographer: Jillian Sara

Makeup: Jen Thompson                                                                                         Model: Summer Her                                                                                       Photographer: Jillian Sara

Makeup: Mari Hernandez                                                                                     Model: Katherine Bennett                                                                Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography


The Makeup Imaginarium

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You, Me and Eternity

This amazing rendition of “The Day Of The Dead”, was conceptualized and shot through The Makeup Imaginarium for FIF Magazine.  Key Makeup Artist, Genevie Flores created and executed the looks and brought the art of the sugar skull tradition to life, while photographer, Brittany Shepherd, captured it for the editorial.

Models: Selene Mendoza, C.c. Pyle, David Jimenez, and Mari Hernandez


The Makeup Imaginarium

2225 W. Shaw ave. Suite #109

Fresno, Ca. 93711


Ice, Ice Baby

It is so much fun to create different effects, ice being one of the most popular, and beautiful.  From glitter to hot glue, here are a few of our favorites TMI “ice” pics.


Makeup Artist: Jillian Anaya                                                                           Model: Isis Anchalee                                                                                     Photographer: Jillian Sara

Makeup Artist: S~T                                                                                Model: Bethany Maddox                                                                         Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

Makeup Artist: Gary Agtual                                                                               Model: Aaron Thompson                                                                     Photographer: Cindy Carvajal

Makeup Artist: Angie Gutierrez                                                                   Model: Jeanette Valdovinos                                                                           Photographer: Jillian Sara

Makeup Artist: April Rose                                                                                     Model: Nikki Richards                                                                         Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

Makeup Artist: Rainbow Chatman                                                               Model: Maria Manzo                                                                             Photographer: Brittany Shepherd


The Makeup Imaginarium

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The Color Of Luxury

Get ready for a fantastical other-world experience of elegance and royalty.  The Makeup Imaginarium, Sarah Rhames of Royally Spoiled Jewelry; The Lady Kate Collection and the crew of GCS Lighting came together for a shoot of artistry, beauty and fashion, captured by the amazing photographer, Jillian Sara.                                     Makeup by: Maria Aguila, Rainbow Chatman, and Becky Williams Gomez                                                                                                                         Models: Brenna RhamesClarence Hutchinson, and Lady Kate



The Makeup Imaginarium

2225 W. Shaw Ave. Suite 109

Fresno, Ca. 93711


Roshar, An artist unto his own.

Makeup artists and makeup lovers all over the world love and admire the work of Roshar.  His use of shapes and color in both his makeup and hair stand second to none.  I found this amazing video that I would love to share with you, showing some of his work and just how great an artist he is.  I hope that you enjoy.

Meital Dohan At TMI

On January 18, 2014, world renowned Singer/Actor Meital Dohan, came to The Makeup Imaginarium for a meet and greet recording for Club House Radio, with DJ Lady Kate and DJ Jess to promote her new single ” Give Us Back Love“.   TMI Photographer, Jillian Sara, shot the post-production photo shoot while specialty lighting was provided by Eclectic Events.  Casey Peck finished it all off with an amazing article in CenCal Magazine.

Cen Cal Mag Link:

Capture Screenshot 2015-01-18 12.31.20




What A Doll

Over the last few years, there were many common themes that have come up as far as our student photo shoots go.  One of these is the doll.  Whether it is cute or creepy, the dolls are always popular.


Makeup Artist: Tiana Saucedo                                                                       Model: Amanda Jackson                                                                  Photographer: Jillian Sara

Makeup Artist: Kristin Shanen                                                                             Model: Jewel Knapp                                                                               Photographer: Jillian Sara

Makeup Artist: Emily Sanchez                                                                               Model: Mindy Campbell                                                                         Photographer: Jillian Sara

Makeup Artist: Adrie Munoz                                                                                 Model: Jessie James Hollywood                                                         Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

Makeup Artist: Nicole Byers                                                                             Model: Jessie James Hollywood                                                       Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

Makeup Artist: Itzi Cazares                                                                             Model: Brooke Porter                                                                         Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography



The Makeup Imaginarium                                                                             2225 W. Shaw Ave, Suite 109                                                                   Fresno, Ca. 93711



Toxic Makeup

We have all seen it, cosmetics at a fraction of the price.  They are everywhere; eBay, the corner boutique, the flea market and, even sold in peoples homes.  This article will explain the dangers of using products that are not manufactured by the actual company, including their use of lead, mercury and carcinogens (aka cancer causing ingredients) in the products.



Additional Article Links:


The Makeup Imaginarium

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Excess and Fabulousness

Follow Rainbow Chatman down the rabbit hole of glamour and decadence as she transforms model Maddy Little into a glitter addict.  In the world of makeup one can never get enough color and glitter!

Photographer Jillian Sara captures the feel of the “Rainbow Trip” down fabulous way. With a splash of color from Sugarpill eyeshadows and delicious lips from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, this tale of glamour gone so right and so wrong is spun for your enjoyment.

Special thanks to Birdy Bardot, Daisha Feliz and Rachel Riggs for catching the fun on video!



The Makeup Imaginarium

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Throw Back Thursday takes us back to year one of The Makeup Imaginarium.  Bryana Kimura created Combat Candyland (the looks and the set) in our studio, starting the tradition of TMI, Student/Graduate collaborations.

Models: Ranie Egusquiza, Gabrielle Christina Ott, Rebekah Madison, Fae Yang, Maria Alejandra Campos, and Summer Her

Photographers: Jem Chaimontree and Jillian Sara



The Makeup Imaginarium

2225 W. Shaw ave. Suite 109

Fresno, Ca. 93711


Art, Beauty and Culture

On January 8, 2015 Emily Sanchez, editor in chief of  Art, Beauty and Culture Magazine, launched Issue #3.   This issue published the work of a few TMI Graduates, including Emily herself.  The pictures were beautiful and the magazine, as always, is well worth the read.


1 2 3 4 5  67  98

Link to:  Art, Beauty and Culture

Magazine Cover Art By: Ryan Wolf


The Makeup Imaginarium

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Fresno, Ca. 93711


Best Instagram Pro Artists

We find that it is important to share information, especially if it is about makeup.  I came across this article in Teen Vogue, giving the Instagram links to some of the best Makeup Artists who are currently working in our industry.  Theses are the best of the best.  I included the link below so feel free to click on it and enjoy the article.

teen vogue




The Makeup Imaginarium

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The Makeup Imaginarium surprised student Diana Lopez with a photo shoot on Monday. Model Gabrielle Allyse Bruno sported icy water and colored corn syrup in the cold to get this super heated reconstruction of a previous shot by photographer Jillian Sara. A shoot like this can be tricky. The artist needs to stick true to the original concept while adding their own special touch.

T.M.I. is notorious for this kind of surprise for students and graduates who are putting forth extra effort in their studies.  Instructors Rachel Riggs and Becky Williams-Gomez helped coach Diana  through her very first photo session and the results were breathtaking.

Thank you Daisha Feliz for capturing this special day so we can share it.


1 2 3 4


The Makeup Imaginarium

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Fresno, Ca 93711

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Day Of The Dead

The Day Of The Dead, or Dia De Los Muertos, is a beautiful tradition celebrated on November 1-2, when relatives who have passed on  can reunite with their families.  The sugar skull have become a trademark of this important day.

Below are some of the works of art that have come out of our school, in reverence to this special holiday.

558461_281948495243616_1280687428_n 946382_423200024451795_478168650_n 10364046_516593455112451_4624564424796993197_n Capture 16 Capture 17 Capture 18


Top Row:

Makeup Artist: Krystine Garcia                                                                       Model: Fae Yang

Makeup Artist: Kristin Shanen                                                                               Model: Alex Felix

Makeup Artist: Jasmine Zambrano                                                             Model: Ernestine Lopez

Bottom Row:

Makeup Artist: Genevie Flores                                                                           Model: Selene Mendoza

Makeup Artist: Genevie Flores                                                                             Models: C.c.Pyle and David Jiminez

Makeup Artist: Genevie Flores                                                                             Model: Mari Hernandez


Photographers:  Jillian Sara, Kevin Chavez, Brittany Shepherd



The Makeup Imaginarium

2225 W. Shaw Ave., Suite 109

Fresno, Ca. 93711



T.M.I. Togetherness

The Makeup Imaginarium is full of laughter and learning.  The staff works hard to make certain that the learning process is both effective and fun.

Instructors Becky Williams-Gomez, Jillian Anaya and Rachel Riggs have gone through numerous transformations from glamorous to hideous so the students could grow from the experience.


6Q3A7179 1004811_565352603503013_408186065_n TMI-2-2 2013-04-24 14.34.55 2014-02-21 14.37.59 Capturedfg



IMG_5419 IMG_4120 IMG_20131011_213325 Captureew 742519326_2646571106_0745143398_2655274210_0



Rachel 035 24072_1426248500111_1349734677_1144056_2218313_n IMG_8503 IMG_20131002_164138 738333975_2632661970_0 2012-12-12 16.22.10


Take a peak into the magical and often hysterical world of T.M.I. and the wonderful students and collaborators they cherish.



The Makeup Imaginarium

2225 W Shaw Ave. Suite 109

Fresno, Ca 93711

(559) 840-5418


Now You See It…Now You Don’t

Working as a professional makeup artist requires knowledge in multiple aspects of the field.  Tattoo cover is definitely on that list.  Whether it’s for photo shoots or a bride at her wedding, knowing the proper techniques and products to use  will help you produce a natural, long wearing camouflage.    This is just one of many things you will learn as a student of The Makeup Imaginarium, that will give you the necessary edge you will need to survive in this industry.


1 2 3




The Makeup Imaginarium

2225 W. Shaw Ave, Suite #109

Fresno Ca. 93711



Makeup of the Future

The Makeup Imaginarium is becoming renown not only for their beauty makeup  but also for the art of transformation.   Not only do we teach all aspects of makeup artistry needed to be successful in the industry while our students are in school, but we also offer more advanced/specialty workshops for the graduates as well.    Here is just a look at some of the “old age” makeup that was done by past students of TMI.

bri bry IMG956914 IMG958267 k tre


The Circus Is In Town


On October 5, 2013, two of our students (now graduates and accomplished makeup artists), Genevie Flores and Mari Hernandez, decided to partner up for an editorial in FIF Magazine.  The circus themed  photo shoot was shot at Roeding Park in Fresno as well as in our very own TMI studio.  Thank you to the following models for volunteering their Saturday afternoon:                                                   Clown: Katherine Bennett                                                                                 Fortune Teller: Jeeto Bhinder                                                                         Tattooed Lady: Samantha Armstrong                                                 Mermaid: Jeanette Valdovinos                                                                                 Blue Lady: Fae Yang                                                                                         Acrobat: Maria Manzo


Capture 35 Screenshot 2014-12-27 16.05.40   Capture 40 Capture 39   Capture 41  Capture 36Capture 37



The Makeup Imaginarium                                                                                     2225 W. Shaw Ave, Suite 109                                                                             Fresno, Ca. 93711                                                                                                       559-840-5418

Photo Shoot Friday Madness

As a working makeup artist, one of the most important things to have as part of your makeup artistry arsenal is a well balanced, professional portfolio.  This is why portfolio building photo shoots are a part of every course at The Makeup Imaginarium.  From conception to execution, we help our students with  4 in class shoots  so they are prepared for the real world.

Thank you to makeup artist/photographer/TMI graduate, Michelle Herrera, for coming in and photographing the work of our students at work, as well as Kevin Chavez of What If Photography for being our amazing in-school photographer and for capturing the art that they create.


1555426_611349318970197_7112789977566807572_n 1601026_611350988970030_4910478727283053665_n 1607076_611343142304148_411041324714581047_n 1800205_611348845636911_3833577581909433547_n 10541006_611349325636863_776351408096965598_n 10641030_611351278970001_4239438173285091968_n 10696396_611345745637221_6790056950984867828_n 10734041_611345742303888_4499693088724145632_n 10845931_611348605636935_7738599197293651651_n 10849791_611343148970814_550214525450408026_n





The Makeup Imaginarium

2225 W. Shaw Ave, Suite 109

Fresno Ca. 93711



Subtlety With Impact

Sometimes the most simple makeup images can have the biggest impact.  Below,  we have shown beautiful looks that each contains a subtle trait to make it standout.  Instead of going all out and overdoing a look it can be much more effective to do something simple and eye catching .  At TMI, we show our students which small details to focus on, while enhancing natural bone structure.  We teach what we here at TMI refer to as ‘Makeup Mapping’. This is a guideline of how to plan ahead and edit work as you go along to bring out the biggest impact in your artistry.

Makeup Artists: Rainbow Chatman, Bryana Kimura, Jillian Anaya, Rachel Riggs, Erika Espita, Becky Williams-Gomez, Melinda Campbell, and Amanda Byrd

Models:  Mason Lopez, Nikki Richards, Parker Anderton, C.c. Pyle, Jayleen Clubb, Mariah Argyilan, Mariah Partida, Rebekah Mellburg, Tameka Lyalla, Fae Yang, Amanda Jackson, Kaleah Lee, and Miranda

Photographer: Jillian Sara


The Makeup Imaginarium

2225 W Shaw Ave. Suite 109

Fresno, Ca 93711

(559) 840-5418

Fantasy at the Imaginarium

The Makeup Imaginarium is becoming well known as a place where makeup artistry and imagination goes hand and hand.  People from all over the world come to our pages to admire the work done by our students and graduates.  Here are just a few of our favorites.

46932_445165052255292_864529062_n 1393956_423199984451799_893290646_n 1549333_699768176728597_390366901_n163530_10200346592740831_882904171_n 522729_343251439113321_848086485_n 1375881_423201344451663_58220251_n 1375886_423804731057991_181744667_n 1456793_444253875679743_803740917_n 1504602_450033715101759_595442695_n  1800315_477161219055675_895985869_n 10805682_611317082306754_1825735439464682935_n 1474361_445177232254074_1684838478_n


From Left to Right/Top to Bottom:

1. Makeup: Melinda Campbell          Model: Kacie Wilson                  Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

2. Makeup: Kristin Shanen          Model: Alex Felix                Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

3. Make up: Jovahnni Gordon          Model: Emily Sanchez  Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

4. Makeup Artist: Banana         Model: Mayra Saldaña       Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

5. Makeup Artist: Sandra Tovar          Model: Priscilla Yang  Photographer: Jillian  Sara

6. Makeup: Jaski Sidhu          Model: Bethany Maddox           Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

7. Makeup Artist: Kristin Shanen          Model: Lauren Gallinetti  Photographer: Jillian  Sara

8. Makeup: Jasmine Villarreal          Model: Amber Janel Smith  Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

9. Makeup Artist: AJay Hernandez           Model: Jeeto Bhinder  Photographer: Jillian  Sara

10. Make up: Christine Alisa          Model: Maddy Little        Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

11. Make up: Reina Cherie Macugay           Model: Houa Vang  Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

12.  Makeup: Frankee Escobedo          Model: Gabrielle Allyse Bruno  Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

Featured Image: Makeup Artist: Birdy Bardot                                    Model: Mimzi Giese                                                                                   Photographer: Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

The Makeup Imaginarium

2225 W. Shaw Ave #109

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Video Photoshop

At The Makeup Imaginarium, we like to share, not only what is going on in our school, but what is going on in our industry as well.  When I first saw this video, I was so amazed by what we are able to do nowadays, as far as Photoshop is concerned.  I have always seen it done in pictures (sometimes a little too much) but not in video. Please take the time to watch this wonderful video and see how it is done.




Amazing Face Mapping Project

Technology has come a long way, especially when it comes to beauty.  Projection mapping has been used for some time in film and television and now it is creeping its way into the beauty industry and project OMOTE (Japanese word for face, or a mask) is leading the way.  Project OMOTE is the collaboration between NOBUMICHI ASAI (media artist), HIROTO KUWAHARA (makeup artist) and PAUL LACROIX (digital image designer).   It is truly stunning as you will see in this video.

Butterfly Kisses

During the summer of 2013, two of our students (now graduates) put together an amazing concept called “Butterfly Kisses.”  Make-up artists Genevie Flores and Mari Hernandez worked together to conceptualize and execute this stunning shoot and I must say that the images turned out fantastic.  They captured the light airy feel of butterflies dancing in the sunlight.  The three models that were used on this project, Selene Mendoza, Katherine Bennett and Samantha Armstrong, volunteered their time and beautiful faces to make this fantasy become a reality.  Shot at TMI by the internationally published photographer, Jillian Sara, this photo shoot ended up being a true work of art.


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One Of Our Favorite Makeup Artists

If you are wanting to go into the world of makeup artistry, you need to know who is already working in your industry.  Alex box is a world renown makeup artists, as well as one of TMI’s favorites.  As you will see in this video, she is truly amazing.



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TMI Video Blog From Russsia

I was surfing the web tonight and came across a makeup video blog with a compilation of videos that they deemed the best of the best in makeup.  I am glad to say that there were quite a few of the TMI videos on that list.  When I clicked on them, I realized that everything under the video was written in Russian.

According to our yearly report the United States, Brazil and Germany are among the top countries that view our page on a regular basis in all.  It seems that we are being followed by 77 different countries in all.  Thank you Russia for being one of our fans.


“Pump” it up

This month, Pump Magazine highlighted the talented Kevin Chavez as their featured photographer.  Using the artistic makeup and hair talents of TMI graduate, Kristin Shanen and the beautiful model, Rachel Collins, they all combined forces to produce a fun and colorful editorial.  Congratulations on the cover and the feature.

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Kevin Chavez has become part of the TMI family, gracing us with his talents for student portfolio shoots.  You can see more of his work on his Facebook at:

Kristen Shanen graduated from TMI in 2013, and had gone on to be published in multiple magazines as a makeup artist as well as a model.  You can see her work at:

Here is a look at the rest of the pictures from this amazing photo shoot.

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Pump Magazine:

A New Year, A New Career

The Makeup Imaginarium starts classes for the 2015 school year, on January 5.  If you are interested in becoming a certified makeup artist or currently working in the makeup field and want to expand on your education, then you should apply today.

The course includes your beginning and advanced makeup as well as business/personal development, and 4 photo shoots/portfolio building.

Want to join us?  Just fill out your application, and put down your deposit, fill out your paperwork and you are ready to go.  Payment plans are available as low as $94 per month.

For more information you can email us at: TheMakeupImaginarium@Gmail.Com



Emily Sanchez (makeup artist) and The Makeup Imaginarium combine forces for this magnificently visual and absolutely amazing photo shoot.  Éventreur (the ripper) weaves a tale of beauty, death and revenge.  Stunningly set against the San Joaquin River during the early hours of the morning, this shoot renders a magic that is truly a work of art.  Special thanks to the models: Frankee Escobedo, Nikki Richards, Viktoria Paris, Madison Speed, Photographer:Jillian Sara and Designer:Rachel Riggs, for making it all possible.




Chrysalis: A Day of Firsts

On August 14, 2014 was an amazing day where our TMI firsts came together.   A photo shoot pairing our first TMI graduate, Bryana Kimura, with our first ever TMI model, Nikki Richards, was executed in the  usual, TMI…bigger than life, manner. With photography by Jillian Sara, Jewelry by Royally Spoiled and the assistance of Daisha Feliz and Frankee Escobedo, this amazing creative team came together to produce an amazing work of art.

Mandy Vang Does it Again

TMI graduate, Mandy Vang, shows off her amazing makeup skills for a second time as a featured makeup artist in CV Luxury Magazine.  Combining her talents with that of Photographer Eddie Melikian, stylist Lauren K.T. Wilson, hairstylist George Garcia and Anna Peters, Model Haley Constable, shot on location at 1821 Gallery and Studios, featuring the beautiful art work of Kit Coleman.  Check out the editorial in CV Luxury Magazine’s September/October 2014 issue located at: CVLUX.COM

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Check out Dark Beauty Magazine!

T.M.I.  is thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with an extraordinary team for the September issue of Dark Beauty Magazine. With the talents of  photographer Topher Adam, creative director/stylist Kim Welch Klingborg of Spellbound Fashions, designer Emmanuelle Blanc of Miss Be  and hairstylist Mikel Sessions the stunning models, Isabella and Sophia Canepa @ JE Models SF/The Osbrink Agengy, into living dolls at the Bloss House Museum in Atwater, CA.

Find the full issue of Match Made in Hell at:

We had so much fun working with this crew. Everyone is so talented it was almost crazy. I must say- I love my job!! Nothing beats playing dress up for a living except playing with some of the most outrageously awesome people on the planet. Thank to everyone involved for making a fabulous day into a fantastic editorial for one of the coolest magazines.

Behind the scenes:



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Art Beauty and Culture Magazine

Artist and Editor in Chief Emily Sanchez has started a magazine for local talent to express themselves.  I have had the great privilege of getting to know and work with this gifted lady.  It is her passion to showcase the Valley’s  artists, no matter their choice of medium. So, if you are a photographer, musician, hairstylist, tattoo artist, painter, author, dancer, animator, makeup artist, actor/ actress, model, nail tech, clothing designer or any other kind of artist, this is a revolution you’ll want to join.

Check out the first issue at:

Inside you can find local talents such as:

Jewelry designer: Royally Spoiled


Model: Angela Jones-


Author, Artist: Fae Yang-


Entertainer, Actress, Model: Dee Howard-


Makeup Artist: Bryana BMK Faces-


The Makeup Imaginarium

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Vintage Beauty

 As a photographer, I’ve been provided with the good fortunate of making relationships with various talented and creative people. Every photo I post is an expression of gratitude, and a tribute to their talent and time. Additionally, I’ve also found myself to the be the recipient of support by various local businesses. Like the talent I’ve worked with, I’d like to think that those business relationships exceed a mutually beneficial transaction. I’d like to consider them also to be friends.

I met Lupe and Marty, the owners of Bebe O’s, in the early stages of my development as a photographer. They present themselves in the guise of a local business filled with an awesome collection of vintage clothing and other wares, but what they are is so much more. Their generosity far exceeds their support of local creatives. For as long as I’ve know them, and prior to that time, they have helped various local charities and youth organizations. All they while doing so humbly, and without asking for much in return. They are a testament the meaning of the phrase,lead by example.

For this shoot, I found myself again seeking Bebe O’s support. We built our presentation around their collection of vintage 70’s clothes. With those parameters set, I turned to one of The Makeup Imaginarium’s graduates, Marilyn Alvarez for artistic execution of that look. I’m a firm believer in sharing the load when it comes to these types of productions. Every member of the team brings their skill and expertise to the table, and make up application is Marilyn’s. Rounding out the team is Alexa Duarte. I’ve had the good fortune of stumbling upon her recently. She’s a sweet kid, with a lot of energy for modelling, and her enthusiasm brought our concept to fruition. Without her participation, all we have is an idea. I’m proud of the results, and I’m grateful for the time and effort of everyone involved.

-Kevin Chavez

Clothing By: Bebe O’s Boutique                                                                    Makeup Artist: Marilyn Alvarez                                                                      Model: Alexa Duarte                                                                                    Photographer:  Kevin Chavez for What If Photography

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